現代美術學報 12
Journal of Taipei Fine Arts Museum 12


The Potential of Virtual Idols for the Field of Visual Art Education



此種現象正好符應了 Lacan 所謂的客體之「象徵性死亡」;而主體也開始從虛構的影像中形塑出未來的自我,在潛意識的「他者」中透過理想性的認同,重新發現自我並確立主體性的存在。人們常以隱喻性的符號作爲慾望的替身,藉此塡補對於現實傷逝之惆悵;而虛擬偶像便是藉由這種存在著匱乏的潛意識,附身於意象的符號中,透過逆轉的語境返回人們的自我,使其重新達到主體的內在合一。





The postmodern cultural phenomena depict the marginalization of fine arts in the traditional education and the society; meanwhile, the mainstream value and sense of beauty that dominated our past identities have been widen the scope and become our everyday aesthetic experiences. Among these experiences, the ways that people appreciate arts through the media, namely, the dialogues between the images' connotations and the spectators' ideologies, are influencing and formulating our future education. In another word, the new generations have generally adopted the worldview of regarding the symbolic signs as their new realities. The spiritual interaction and non-material exchange, the fusion of the virtual and the real in the cyberspace have made the images come to live in the virtual world, and accordingly destroyed the 'real' reality.

The above phenomena correspond to Lacan's assertion in terms of "Symbolic Death" of the object. According to Lacan's theory, in order to comfort the lost feelings that derive from a lack of something, people often see parallels between the connotative sign (according to Lacan's description, it is 'the Other') and their inner desires. That is why the virtual idols can live at the images' signs, through which individuals find their own unconsciousness and feel the fulfillment of identities.

Traditionally the school teacher plays the role of 'the Other' when educating their pupils, however, this study tends to explore the idea: When the virtual idol takes the position of 'the Other', can the learners settle their own identities through the inner introspection? The researcher attempts to discuss across the following perspectives: Postmodernism, Visual Culture, and Psychoanalytic Philosophy, aiming at receiving insight into peopled unconsciousness, and hopefully opening up an alternative way to our future art education.  


virtual art education, virtual idol, visual culture art education