現代美術學報 5
Journal of Taipei Fine Arts Museum 5


Interpretating the Significance of Male Roles Delineated in the Sung Dynasty genre Painting






The way to discover Sung genre painting is to treat yourself in and link up "Beauty" with "Reality". Because of mature commerce in Sung Dynasty, the lifestyle and behavior of customers had been changed. Different lifestyle also makes peoples' thinking different. The artists interacted with consumer society friendly and they were not secluded. Therefore, the theme of painting was not limited and artists liked to paint novel object at that time. There were more and more paintings reflected the fact of common people life. It meant that artists showed his feeling and represented personal style in their works. In the other word, the painting was not only accurate description of Nature but like the artistic production communed with human life.

The genre paintings were correlated with folkway, socio-economic level and socio-value. The role of male is a symbol of the laborer in genre paintings. The painters followed the traditional Chinese viewpoint of the male, they must be brave, work-hard, sturdy and obeyed socio-rules. Work is an unshirkable duty of the male. But due to economic growth in Sung Dynasty, the emperor is not the only sponsor. In another word, viewers came from various levels of society and the market of genre painting was diversification. Painters extracted the reality which they wanted from social environment.

The major difference of Northern and Southern Sung genre painting is essence of theme. For example, in the Northern Sung, painters interpreted a pedlar as traditional way. However, the painters in the Southern Sung emphasized the cultural influence on a pedlar. The males were not like before, they maybe gamblers, belligerents or losers. In this thesis, we focus on the role of male and find out significance behind the genre painting.