現代美術學報 5
Journal of Taipei Fine Arts Museum 5


The Exchange Between Contemporary Art and Daily Life — An Investigation on the "Very Fun Park — Contemporary Art Exhibition in Eastern Area of Taipei" and the Effective Strategy of Site-specific Exhibitions






"Very Fun Park  Contemporary Art Exhibition in Eastern Area of Taipei" started on August 25 till September, 30 2001 in Taipei. Rita Chang was the curator of this exhibition and Fubon Art Foundation, Taiwan Cellular Corp., ASE Inc. Education Foundation, and Eslite Bookstore were the sponsors. It is not rare thing to us that Art exhibitions come to the community, but "Very Fun Park" was special because it is closes to the commerce. Although these works which put in the street side, the lanes or alleys, are not wholly about happy things, but these works makes the ordinary streets more funny and lovely.

The artist in this exhibition were new generations in art field. And most of the works are installation. The intension of these works showed toward a trend that 'point to itself.' This character also shows the creating trend of the new generation artists. These works tend to express themselves by murmur and murmur, and to contain highly concentrated of mental work. Whatever the content they had, about the life, or about the fancy word, were not related to the external factors. This showed that 'self' is the main problem or the source makes them feel anxious. The same actions or form repeat in their works, it emphasized the process quality. They made different from the commodities by mental, rough, and unique characters.

"Very Fun Park Contemporary Art Exhibition in Eastern Area of Taipei" entered the city by an mild attitude to associate with other business and ensure the autonomy of contemporary art. But some of the works can not show its concept completely. "Very Fun Park" showed us the exhibitions still work under the concept of local character. And these exhibition must be carried out by mild attitude, to subvert in a peaceful way. Thus the distance between contemporary art and the viewers can be shorten without conflicts and victim.