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Wake up! Taiwan Punk Fanzine and the Cultural Politics of Zines




龐克小誌、迷小誌、小誌、DIY 文化、反抗政治


This article explores the first wave of punk fanzine in Taiwan that appeared in the early 2000s. The author intends to link the origins of the international punk fanzine to the evolution of the zine movement in the Western countries, and to especially focus on the cultural and political implications of the resistance politics of the global punk zine. On the one hand, it reviews the rebellious nature of the zine culture which includes the challenging mainstream culture, establishing alternative communities, and the global resistance politics. On the other hand, it reconstructs the rise of the local punk fanzines around 2000, and examines how the punk DIY culture was introduced and how they sprouted, spread, and connected with each other within the independent music scene. The author argues that the emerging zine cultural movement since 2010 has gradually become diversified and the content has become easier to understand. However, using the developing history of the local punk zines and indie music fanzines as the entrance to better understand the current zine culture may provide another perspective. This article tries to bring back the resistance politics of the nature of zine culture and the political empowerment potential of the fans. The resistance nature of zine culture is turning zinesters from a passive political object to an active political subject. At a moment when zine culture has exploded in Taiwan, it is worth reawakening the resistant ethos of the punk fanzine and zines.


punk zine, fanzine, zine, DIY culture, politics of resistance