Memory and Identity in Art


Whose Memory does Taiwan's to-be-looked-at-ness Belong to? Moriyama Daidō's Taiwan Travel Notes


作為「記憶之鏡」的攝影,是曾經存有之事物的見證,也是將遙遠他方展現於眼前的重要媒介。在資訊傳播迅速的今日,影像更是能帶領我們跨越現實的限制,以虛擬的方式繼續開展世界的探索。其中最重要的關鍵,便是影像的生產者,也就是實際走訪各地的攝影師。他們以各具特色的觀看方式,來賦予地方不同的色彩。當中,被譽為「街拍傳奇」的森山大道,不只帶我們走遍日本與歐美,也曾造訪過臺灣。他以森山式的拍攝直覺,捕捉不同城市的生活痕跡與美感,並透過其影像,將城市的氣味展露出來。不過,他鏡頭下所呈現的,並不僅僅是個別的經驗事實,而是一種以攝影師為中介所形成的混合記憶(mémoire mixte)。這記憶,使鏡頭前的此時此地,成為了疊合不同時空印象的載體。事實上,這現象並不侷限於個體經驗,它也存在於許多異域的觀看之中。這些觀看影像所投射出的記憶是共構的,也是共享的。因此,我們將透過森山大道的攝影與記述,來爬梳其影像中的記憶構成,同時,我們也將借其攝影下的臺灣,來探索屬於或不屬於我們與他者的記憶。




As a "mirror of memory," photography is a testimony to what has existed before, and an important medium for bringing faraway things right before our eyes. Today, with the rapid spread of information, images can lead us to overcome the limitations in reality and continue to explore the world in a virtual way. The key to making this dream come true is the producer of the image, that is, the photographer who actually visits various places. Their unique observations will give a place a distinctive color. Among them, Daido Moriyama, known as the "street photography legend," not only has taken us to Japan, Europe and the United States, but also traveled to Taiwan in his footsteps. He captures the traces of living and beauty in different cities with Moriyama-style shooting, and reveals the scent of the city through his images. However, what he presents via his lens is not just individual empirical facts, but a kind of mixed memory formed by the photographer. This memory makes hic et nunc in front of the camera a carrier of superimposing different time-space. In fact, this phenomenon is not limited to individual and personal experience, it has also existed in many foreign gazes. The memory projected by this viewing image is co-constructed and shared. Therefore, we will use the photographic images and text records of Daido Moriyama to sort out the memory structure under his photos. At the same time, we will also explore Taiwan in his photography to further investigate what memories belong to us and others and what do not.


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